Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence

  Our goal is to train and educate students about nonviolence application and principles based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy and methodology of nonviolence.

Students will learn how to help facilitate nonviolence workshops in their own schools and community.  Students will study different countries to gain an understanding of different cultures, and will also discuss HIV/AIDS awareness and education as well as other global issues.   

The Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence delegation to South Africa will study, “The struggle from Apartheid to Democracy” and the role nonviolence played. The delegation will be led by Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr, Capt. (retired) Charles L. Alphin Sr., and Charles Alphin Jr.


The Young Ambassadors will gain an understanding of “Pre and Post Apartheid”, South African government, International business and policies as well as Nonviolent Resistant Education.  As a developing country South Africa offers the opportunity for:

1. Cultural and educational exchange.

2. Examining effective nonviolence leadership and its universal application.

3. First hand information on the issues and concerns in the country and how they relate to  he United States.

4. Understanding of the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” established by Arch Bishop Tutu and President Nelson Mandela.

5. The opportunity to dialog with youth leaders concerning common issues and concerns.

6. South Africa Business and International Economic development

7. World HIV/Aids Education   

The Young Ambassadors will join other students around the USA in the study of the struggle from Apartheid to Democracy. This will allow students typically marginalized from study-abroad programs and scholarships to be involved in world affairs on 'hands-on' level. 

2011 Itinerary

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