Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable educational experience and we pledge to maintain open and ongoing communication with our delegates, leaders, and ambassador family members on the subject of safety and any impact world events may have on our program.

Federal Guidelines

In making the decision to proceed with any program, we rely on the advice of the U.S. State Department, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board. We choose our destinations carefully, and we will not take our delegation into areas that may be unsafe. If conditions exist which may hinder our ability to provide a safe program, we will alter the itinerary and redirect the program to safer regions or provide other alternatives.

Flights and Activities

We apply the same safety standards to flights and activities that we apply to conducting an entire program. If a flight is cancelled due to a federal safety ruling or airline concern, we will make every attempt to quickly place delegates on another flight provided that the FAA and other guiding organizations state that it is safe to travel.
Similarly, if it is advised that we avoid a particular destination, excursion or event on the itinerary, or if a location is temporarily unavailable (such as a museum closure), we will arrange comparable, alternative activities to the best of our abilities and with full regard for the well-being of each participant.

Safety Regarding Air Travel

The Transportation Security Administration has required additional security measures at all U.S. airports. Similar measures are in place at airports across the globe. To help delegates prepare, we provide information regarding packing, customs and related guidelines through mail, e-mail, our Web site and pre-travel packets. In our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable educational experience, we will continue to provide updates as needed regarding airline and airport security measures.

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