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Building Life Foundations has expanded it’s Study Abroad programs by partnering with Education First, (EF Tours) to provide an additional cultural experience. We believe that exposing youth & adults to other countries and cultures allows us to understand our different ways of life and appreciate each other cultures. This is important if we are to co-exist in this world without violence. These Educational experiences are for all High School Students, Undergraduate College Students & Adults.

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Global Youth Leadership Summit - Human Rights June 2016

                                          Exploring Human Rights

Summit Tour:

Explore human rights in a global context and examine the historical and cultural factors that influence international laws today. Together students, will gain a deeper understanding of past injustices, examine current efforts to protect human rights and reflect on the responsibility we each have to preserve these rights. 

From June 16-27, travel across Spain and examine the religious freedom as a human right. You’ll visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Alhambra, an example of Islamic architecture, and see historic works of art—from El Greco to Velázquez—each exploring religious themes. 

Summit Leadership Conference: 

Join other teachers and students in The Hague for a two-day leadership conference, June 25-26. Hear from world-renowned keynote speakers, attend expert-led workshops, and give your child the chance to collaborate in small international teams to solve and then present their solution to a human rights challenge.  


  1. Day 1: Fly overnight to Malaga

  2. Day 2: Malaga • Granada
    Meet your Tour Director at the airport
    Travel to Granada

  3. Day 3: Granada
    Take a guided tour of Granada and participate in a "City Challenge" scavenger hunt

    Visit the Alhambra

    Enjoy a live flamenco show

  4. Day 4: Granada • Cordoba
    Travel to Cordoba

    Take a guided tour of Cordoba

    Visit the Mezquita

    Learn how to make tapas

  5. Day 5: Cordoba • Toledo
    Continue on to Toledo

    Take a Spanish Inquisiton-themed guided tour of Toledo

    Visit the Toledo Cathedral

    Visit the Church of Santo Tomé

    Visit a synagogue

  6. Day 6: Toledo • Madrid
    Enjoy free time in Toledo

    Return to Madrid

    Take a walking tour of Madrid

    Visit the Prado

  7. Day 7: Madrid
    Take a guided tour of Madrid
    With your expert local guide you will see:

    1. Puerta del Sol

    2. Plaza Mayor

    3. Plaza de Oriente

  8. Visit the Royal Palace

    Take a tour of Santiago Bernabeau Stadium

    Day 8: Madrid • Amsterdam
    Fly to Amsterdam

    Take a walking tour of Amsterdam
    With your tour director you will see:

    1. City canals

  9. Visit the Anne Frank House

  10. Day 9: The Hague
    Visit the Peace Palace, home to the International Court of Justice

  11. Day 10: Student Leadership Conference in The Hague

  12. Day 11: Student Leadership Conference in The Hague

  13. Day 12: Depart for home

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