Student Testimony:


Brittanie Richardson, Atlanta GA,


I can't believe I actually made it to Africa, The Motherland!!! It's beautiful. Everything feels, looks and sounds so different, but in a good way. Everything feels so free and natural. I met so many amazing and life changing people.The people there have so much joy in their hearts. Even after surviving something as massive and demeaning as aparthied, there is not a trace of anger or resentment in them. The Africans are proud to be Africans, and thats inspiring. The landscaping is absolutely breath-taking. The mountains, oceans, fields and wildlife reassure you that God exists. This country and this continent is like nothing I've ever experienced.


Behind South Africa's viel of glamour and artificial stability is a country in need and a country full of people that continue to fight a war that seems endless and unreconcilable. In going to all of the historical sites we visited such as Robben Island, The Aparthied Museum, the townships of Soweto and Sharpville,the King-Lithuli Transformation center, and of course the two schools, I learned lessons I could never have learned in America. I learned the power of forgiveness, love and faith. These sites didn't feel like reminders of a horrible past, but inspirations for a positive future. The people of South Africa truly hold God in their hearts, and because of that they have the power to not only forgive their former and present oppressors, but also love them with agape love. I had never witnessed anything like that before.


I feel as though I am definitely a different person since I've come back from South Africa. I now truly understand what it's like to be grateful for things.  I am truly grateful for every bite of food that enters my mouth and every piece I throw away. I'm grateful that in America I have the luxury of having too much instead of not enough. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be educated and pursue goals and interests. I know this sounds cliché', but I can finally honestly say that I am grateful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and a warm bed to sleep in every night because I witnessed people who didn't have these luxuries. Since I've come back I feel so much closer to God and I am aware of my personal responsibility to do all that I can to help effect change in countries such as South Africa and in the world itself.



Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience what I experienced. It changed my life. 


Love always,


2011 Itinerary

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