Building Life Foundations and Able Community Services Inc. along with other local community organizations have come together to take a stand against the violence in our schools, homes and community. We have decided to launch 100 Pennies for Peace and Anti-Bullying fundraiser. All funds raised will go towards the training and education of Nonviolence in our local Schools and community. We will use the late Dr. Martin L. King Jr’s. Philosophy of Nonviolence and Conflict Reconciliation and hold training workshops all over the St. Louis Metro area, free to all.   We will need the help of everyone from pre-k students, adults & local business to help make a change in the way we deal with conflict. We have asked schools to participate in this cause as well. Lets Change the World one city at a time.

If your organization or business would like to join this cause please email BLF@charter.net  or call Building Life Foundations Nonviolence Center @ 314-680-7533.

All donations are tax deductible

”If Not now, then When? If Not Us, then Who? “

                                                                                                Congressman John Lewis

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